The Jaipur House, Mount Abu

Achalgarh Fort

achalgarh-fort11 km north of Mount Abu, a winding road passing through 3 massive stone gates leads up to the top of the mountain where lies ruins of Achalgarh Fort and the two temples.
In 1513 A. D. Maharao Jagmal of Sirohi gave a part of the fort for making the Kantmafh Jain Temple which contains the exquisite gold plated statues having some remarkable marble sculpting.
Nearby the 15- century Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple is believed to have Shiva’s toe print and a deep natural cavity in its centre which is clainied to reach into the underworld. The larger than life size statue of Nandi is made of ‘Panchdhatu’ i. e. five metals namely¬†gold, silver, lead, zinc and copper.

achalgarh-fort-1Adjacent to the temple is the stepped Mandakini Kund and on the far side are 3 stone buffaloes in a row with a statue of King Dharawash Parmar depicted shooting the three buffaloes with one arrow.

These were demons that had come in the disguise of buffaloes. The temple is interesting, as it does not have a characteristic Shivlinga – rather unusual for a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. A 10 minute climb from here leads to a group of exquisitely carved Jain Temples.

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