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About Mount Abu

mount-abu-tour2Mount Abu is the only hill station of Rajasthan sprawling along a 1200 m high plateau in the southwest corner of the state, close to the Gujarat border. It lies at the southern extremity of the Aravali range and is a popular summer retreat and a pilgrimage centre for Jain.

The history of Mount Abu is fraught with legends and myths and has long been considered a holy spot by the Hindu. Mount Abu was believed to be the home of venerable sage Vashishtha. One day Nandini, his wish fulfilling cow was trapped in a deep pit and could not free herself. The sage requested the Gods in the Himalayas for assistance. Saraswati Рthe divine stream flooded the pit and the cow floated up. The youngest son of the Himalaya with the help of Arbuda Рa cobra, who carried a rock on his head, dropped it into the lake and the deep gorge was permanently filled. The place became to be known as Hills of Arbuda.

mount-abuTo the Rajputs this is the place where a great agni kunda (sacred fire pit) was created at the holy Gaumukh, out of which 36 Rajput warrior clans were born. Referred to as agnikul clan (fire born clan), these Rajputs notable among them – Chauhan, Solanki, Parmar and Pratihara consider themselves superior to all the others.
In the early 19- century, Mount Abu used to be the summer capital of the Chief Commissioner for Rajputana when his office would be shifted from Ajmer for two months.
Charming English cottages and palaces of the Rajput Maharajas sprang up during this period.
The town hosts the Summer Festival every year in June. Tribal festivities, folk dances, music performances amidst the lush surroundings and lovely lake, make it a joyous event.
Winter Festival (29-31 December) every year also attracts huge number of merry making crowd.

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